Hey everyone! My name is Kristel.  Photographer and chef of photorical food.  I love to serve others, and make them smile.  What better way than to fill hungry bellies?   I find great joy in making and preparing new dishes, and cannot wait to make you drool over what might come in the next post.  My goal with this site is to prepare and capture my love for cooking through quality images.  If I am doing a good job, you should be able to figuratively taste each recipe through imagery.  so, feast your eyes on this!

See a recipe you like? Share it! A gift from my family table to yours.  Have a suggestion, leave a comment! Don’t like a dish? Don’t make it, or even try it! I promise I won’t force you to eat your vegetables or go to bed hungry. However, I hope you enjoy every recipe as much as much as I enjoyed making them.



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