Almond Crusted Chicken breast

I am always looking for a good/healthier  substitute to my favorite foods. Ones that are good enough I can convince my family  to eat them in lieu of their not so healthy favorites.

The almond coating adds a crunch to the outside of the chicken without using bread crumbs. So, if you are trying to cut gluten, cutting carbs or just love almonds this is a great option.

Here is what you need:

1/2 cup Hummus (pick your flavor) or make your own

1 egg or add almond milk to hummus instead

4 chicken breasts (cut into strips or nuggets)

1 cup almond meal or ground almonds

Mix the hummus and egg or water together to create a batter for dipping.

You want the batter to have a pancake mix like consistency. Not too thick and not too thin. Coat the chicken in the batter and then coat with almond meal.

If you plan to bake the chicken place in a wire rack so it can cook on all sides at once.

If placed on a baking sheet the juices from the chicken will cause the almond coating to flake off.

If you don’t have a wire rack, make sure to flip the chicken often. Another alternative is to cook in light oil in a pan. Brown the chicken on the outside and serve.