Chicken Salad


1 1/4





Packed full of flavor and a great way to round out your nutrition intake.  This recipe contains a full serving of fruit, vegetable and protein!  This weeks meal prep included this great recipe and my mom and I had a blast in the kitchen preparing our meals.  I would recommend keeping your lettuce separate from your salad until you eat it, to prevent it from getting soggy.  We placed our lettuce on the bottom of our container with the salad on top, no bueno!

Here is what you will need per serving :

2 Tablespoons greek yogurt  1/4 Red

1 Tablespoon slivered almonds  Part of your 1/2 Blue

3/4 Cup diced chicken  1 Red

1/2 Cup grapes quartered  1/2 Purple 

1/2 Cup apple diced * Granny Smith for tart or Fuji for a sweet flavor 1/2 Purple 

4 Large butter lettuce leaves   1 Green

2 Tablespoons cheese of choice   1/2 Blue

Green onion *optional (My dad doesn’t like onions and I was meal prepping for him this week, so no onions were included).

Salt/pepper to taste


Uniformity is key when making this salad.  You don’t want huge chunks of apple and tiny pieces of grape. Dicing your ingredients uniformly will guarantee every bite will be packed with flavor.


I try to make my life easy by buying Costco rotisserie chicken breast.  You can buy the whole chicken, but for this I would recommend buying the just the breast meat.  It is already cooked, deboned and packaged.  All you have to do is dice it up and throw it in whatever recipe you want.

image  I combined my apples and grapes together into one bowl so I had equal amounts of each per serving.

imageThrow in your 1/2 blue container filled with your cheese of choice and almonds.  Of course if you decide you don’t want to use your blue container for this dish, leave it out and save it for later.  It does add good flavor if you choose to put in goat cheese or feta.

imageI used one large heaping spoon full of Greek yogurt, but it comes out to being 2 U.S. tablespoons.  You can of course use less, but I like everything to be fully coated in yogurt.

image Mix everything together in your bowl and serve it up on your lettuce leaves.  Using the lettuce is a great way to cut out carbs and use up your green container (pile on the veggies!)