Watermelon Aqua Fresca

Refreshing f watermelon purée with a squeeze of lime, sprig of mint and a splash of soda water. No additional sugar, just refreshing, natural sweetness. 

Pool My kids love shaved ice, but I don’t like all the sugar and unnatural food coloring. This has been a great alternative that they love! Relatively easy to make and worth your time.

Here is what’ll you need:

1 whole watermelon 

1 lime

1 sprig of mint

8 oz soda water

Shave the outer rine off the watermelon first. Removing the green and white outer layer. I do this by cutting off one end and placing the watermelon cut-side-down. This will prevent the watermelon from rolling off the table while you trim it. Once the rine is removed, cube the watermelon or cut it into smaller pieces, so it can fit into your blender later.  Place the cubes in a bag and freeze. Once frozen, Blend until it produces a frozen slush adding the lemon juice as you blend. You can pour the whole 8 oz of soda water over the frozen slush, but I recommend adding it per serving. Top with fresh mint and enjoy!