Perfect Pesto

Pesto is so simple, yet versatile.  For this week’s meal prep I made pesto chicken rolls, orzo pasta with pesto and tomatoes with roasted brussle sprouts.  Try doubling the recipe and freezing the pesto for later.  I would recommend freezing cubes of pesto in an ice tray, then empty the frozen cubes of pesto into ziplock bags to store in the freezer.  Freezing it in small amounts allows you to control how much pesto you thaw for a meal, instead of having to defrost a whole container to retrieve one spoonful.



Here is what you will need:

2 Cups basil leaves packed

1/2 Pine nuts

2/3 Cup Olive oil

1 Clove Roasted garlic

2/3 Cup Shredded parmesan cheese.

Salt to taste

1 Teaspoon Lemon

Make your life easy and throw all the ingredients into a blender. Yes, it is that simple!


Place the pine nuts in first with the olive oil.  you want these to be fully ground, and it will be hard to do that when they are stuck to the sides of the blender.


Pre-shred your parmesan and throw it in the blender next with your roasted garlic.


Pack your cup measurer with basil leaves and add it to the blender as well.


Season with salt and lemon.


Once you have all of your ingredients in the blender, turn it on full blast and blend until smooth.  You don’t want chunks of cheese or pine nuts.  It should be like creamy peanut butter rather than crunchy.


Use this pesto with your next pasta dish, as your sauce for pizza or a seasoning for chicken or lamb.